TV-Set Viewing Up Among Teens, 20s


TV viewing among viewers in their teens and 20s may be down -- 2%-3% over the past five years--according to Nielsen Media Research numbers-- but TV monitor viewing is up.

That's according to Mediaedge:cia, a GroupM company that handles, among other things, nontraditional advertising media plans.

According to the company, when it adds in TV sets used as VCRs, DVR's, for playing video games and as DVD monitors, "TV" usage among teens is actually up 22% among teens, 19% for people 18-24 and 18% for the 18-34 demo.

"People using alternate viewing sources on their TV sets cannot be reached
through traditional advertising," says Lyle Schwartz, director of research and marketplace analysis.

Mediaege's answer, not surprisingly, is nontraditional advertising. "It will be increasingly important to utilize creative ways to reach younger consumers as they engage in these new technologies," says Schwartz.