TV revenue: It ain't 2000, but it ain't bad


Local broadcast-TV revenue grew a "healthy" 4.4 percent during the second
quarter over the same period last year, according to estimates from the
Television Bureau of Advertising.

The stations benefited from strong first-half spending by a number of
advertisers, particularly General Motors Corp. (up 292.1 percent from the first
half of last year), Procter & Gamble Co. (up 78.8 percent), SBC
Communications Inc. (up 57.7 percent) and Ford Motor Co. (up 21.7 percent).

Other broadcast-TV segments did not do as well, the TVB said.

Network-TV revenue grew just 2.3 percent during the second quarter, while
syndicated TV's plunged 12.6 percent. Taken together -- spot, network and
syndication -- broadcast TV gained 1.9 percent during the second quarter and 3
percent in the first half.