TV reporters reappear in Afghanistan


Two more Western correspondents - one unidentified - made their debut reports from inside Taliban-controlled Afghanistan over cable news networks on Tuesday.

CNN's correspondent, Kamal Hyder, talked about refugees heading toward Pakistan and said most Afghanis wouldn't recognize Osama bin Laden if he walked among them.
``Apprehension is very, very high,'' Hyder said. ``People are afraid that it's going to be a vicious strike.''

AP reports MSNBC was mum about the identity of its Afghanistan "contact," who was interviewed by phone describing how citizens, including boys, are being armed in anticipation of a U.S. attack.
All of the cable news networks have correspondents in neighboring Pakistan and in the extreme northern region of Afghanistan not under Taliban rule. Since CNN's Nic Robertson was ejected ny the Taliban from southern Afghanistan last week, Western reporters have not been allowed back in.

MSNBC reportedly declined to identify its correspondent at his request. David Verdi, executive director of NBC News, told AP he didn't think the secretiveness would make the reports less credible. - Richard Tedesco