TV Museum Bucks Up 'Blue Staters'


The Museum of Broadcast Communications has chosen to showcase the inauguration of John F. Kennedy on its Web site (, even as George W. Bush is reupping for another four years.

In an e-mail to members under the heading, "Something Special for Democrats Feeling Blue Today!," the museum promoted its streaming of a Kennedy inaugural ball.

The "never-before-seen raw footage" includes an introduction by Sinatra, and a parade of stars including an essay-reading by Bette Davis, a song from Ethel Merman, and appearances by Sidney Poitier and Joey Bishop.

Kennedy talks about the deficit, hails the meeting of the arts and politics, and praises Sinatra, who was an ardent supporter.

In another apparent bone to Blue Staters, the Museum points out in the e-mail: "This historic showcase of legendary American talent was celebrating political change in Washington, after eight years of the Eisenhower/Nixon administration."