TV Land taps top shows


TV Land has announced the winners of its first ever "TV Land Awards," to be
handed out March 12 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

They were originally scheduled to be given out Sunday, March 9, but it was
discovered that the timing would put them opposite the "Screen Actors Guild
Awards" on Turner Network Television.

The winners are:

\u0007 Legend Award: The Dick Van Dyke Show

\u0007 Innovator Award: All in the Family

\u0007 Pop Culture Award: Star Trek

\u0007 Groundbreaking Award: Diahann Carroll as Julia

\u0007 Unsung Hero Award: SCTV

TV Land has also created some "campy" categories -- "Nosiest Neighbor," for
instance -- winners of which will be determined by online voting and announced
on the show.