TV Keyword Tracker Adds AP Video


Television-news monitoring service Critical Mention will now have access to Associated Press video content, thanks to an agreement announced Monday.

The deal gives Critical Mention and its clients, including Fed Ex, Miller Beer, Qualcomm, and the NBA, the ability to track Associated Press Television News video clips seen on major Internet portals like Yahoo! and AOL.

The New York-based company tracks television news, alerting clients when certain keywords—a company name or a competitor’s product, for example—are uttered.

Clients are notified just moments after the mention occurs during, say, an episode of CNBC’s Kudlow & Company. Clients can also use a web-based search engine called Critical TV to customize searches, view video clips in Windows Media Player, and store clips in a personal library.

The company has affiliate agreements with PBS, CNBC, and local TV stations (particularly network O&Os). Affiliates are paid a license fee whenever one of their clips is viewed.

With the AP agreement, the company’s clients can include the Internet in their “business intelligence” operations.

Broadcasters stand to earn money for their content “post-broadcast” beyond traditional over-the-air advertising, says Critical Mention CEO Sean Morgan.

With Critical Mention, “their content is in our platform going over filters of our clients, alerting people behind corporate firewalls that aren’t watching TV anyway, and helping these broadcasters dip their toe in the water of Internet distribution.”