TV Has Two Nannies


In the latest dispatch from the reality-show format wars, ABC has beaten Fox to the rights -- in other words, it paid higher license fees -- for a new show from Ricochet called Supernanny.

The show already has done extremely well in its first outing on Britain's Channel 4, encouraging ABC to go right into production on eight episodes of its new acquisition. But although it missed out on Supernanny, Fox already is in development with UK-based Granada on another nanny-themed show: Nanny 911.

In ABC's show, nanny Jo Frost acts like a British Dr. Phil. She moves into a family's home, observes their issues and then goes about doling out blunt advice to fix the problems. Nick Powell created and executive produced the show.

Nanny 911, by contrast, would feature a team of nannies, all of whom move into a home to get things in order. Fox has not yet completed its deal with Granada.