TV Guide Net Gets Makeover


The TV Guide Channel is launching its sixth new series of the year, The Fashion Team, in an ongoing effort to reposition itself as the need for its scrolling guide wanes.

Hoping to build on the fashion buzz evident with the success of its own red carpet shows and Bravo's Project Runway, The Fashion Team will cover style trends on television and elsewhere in the entertainment world. It will be hosted by CBS Early Show fashion contributor and celebrity stylist David Evangelista and VH1 and CMT regular Daphne Brogdon.

The show debuts Oct. 10, and will run Tuesdays at 8 ET. Produced in-house at its Hollywood studio, the network plans on running it indefinitely, as opposed to in a specific episode order.

The series, the channel's tenth show launch in the last two years, marks a continuing effort to attract new viewers by evolving from a utility into a programming service.

“The hardest part is educating people about all the new programming we have on the air and getting them out of the mindset of what TV Guide Channel used to be,” says network President Ryan O'Hara.

The network is trying to begin that process while its scroll is still useful for analog homes. That will not be the case as more homes convert to digital.

“We don't want to be impatient, but we want a sense of urgency,” O'Hara says. “But if you project out a couple years, the programming and the brand are going to carry us as opposed to the scroll as analog starts to compress.”