TV Gets More Time for Sales Pitch


Broadcasters will get a little more time to make their cases for -- or, more likely, against -- having joint sales agreements with other TV stations count toward their own station-ownership totals.

The FCC has extended the comment period on its proposal to make TV joint sales agreements attributable for media ownership purposes. That came after a request from Paxson, which has a large contingent of JSAs, and NAB for more time. The new deadlines for comment are Oct. 27 and Nov. 30 (the old ones had been Sept. 27 and Oct. 12.

In 2003, the FCC as part of its biennial--now quadrennial--ownership rule review changed its radio attribution rules to include joint sales agreements where one station controlled the sale of at least 15% of the ad time of another station. In that case, the owner of the first station would also be said to hold an attributable interest in the second station.

Although a Philadelphia appeals court remanded most of the ownership rules for a rewrite, it left the radio JSA change intact. The FCC now wants to apply the same attribution to TV JSA's.