TV Dads More Involved


There are slightly more TV fathers involved in their children's lives, but more of those are now single dads.

That was the pre-Father's Day news from TV watchdog Parent's Television Council. The good news, says PTC, is that 84% of TV kids have some father figure in their lives, up 1.1%. The bad news: Some 14.8% of those are being raised by single dads, which is up 10.7%

“As a whole, television shows are increasingly showing more fathers who are involved in their children’s lives, and for that we applaud TV executives,” said PTC President Brent Bozell.  “At the same time, Hollywood must not lose sight of the fact that it is the nuclear family – father, mother, child – that is the ideal."The reality, however, is that, according to a Columbia study, more than a quarter of the kids in the country are in single-parent households, so TV's reflection of move single dads may not be ideal, but it is probably more reality TV than not.