TV Baseball Loaded With Out-Of Homers


A whopping nine out of 10 viewers (88.6%) ages 18-34 watched the baseball playoffs somewhere other than on their own TV set for at least one of the games carried on cable (the third Tigers /Yankees game Oct. 6).

The average for all nine cable-only games was over 50% out-of-home viewing. That is according to Arbitron's Portable People Meter test in Houston. The pager-size meters travel with mobile viewers and record their TV watching out-of-home.

The average out-of-home viewing for all programming, according to the PPMs, is about 13%.

Arbitron tracked data from 21 games on Fox's KRIV Houston and 9 games on ESPN in the market, which did not have a home team in any of the games.

Out-of-home viewing to cable turned out to be much higher than broadcast at 43.1% of the total audience, and a whopping 52.6% among 18-49's and 61.2% in 18-34's. That suggests noncable subs are likely going to friends' houses, bars or restaurants to catch the action.

On KRIV, the out-of-home viewing average was only 27.1%, with only a percentage point or three's divergence from that for the various demos.

Arbitron found similar large out-of-home viewing audiences to ESPN's new Monday Night Football games.

Nielsen does not currently measure out-of-home viewing.