TV Abets Religious Desecration, Says GOP

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As part of their 2004 platform, Republicans charge the media with stereotyping religious faith, suggesting they have a bias that plays into the desecration of houses of worship and religious objects.

Conservatives have long complained that TV shows and movies frequently portray fundamentalist Christians and other religious individuals as intolerant, hypocritical or backward. If it survives a platform vote, that will now be the party's official complaint as well.

“We condemn the desecration of places of worship and objects of religious devotion, and call upon the media to reconsider their role in fostering bias through negative stereotyping of religious citizens,” the GOP platform says in a passage titled “Upholding the Rights of All.”

The platform is scheduled to be approved by GOP delegates Monday at their party’s national convention in New York.

The Democrats’ platform, approved last month in Boston, condemns media consolidation and pledges to roll back media ownership deregulation.

The GOP makes no mention of consolidation beyond a general endorsement in the technology section, where it cites a "steadfast commitment to open markets, to minimal regulations" and to deregulation of telecommunications that has led to open markets. There is also a pledge to combat digital piracy at home and abroad.

The only other reference to the media in the GOP platform is a promise to push for campaign finance reform that will give the media and the general public immediate Internet access to campaign contribution disclosures.