Turner Tops in Media Diversity


Turner Broadcasting System Inc. topped the media companies that made the list of the top 50 most diverse businesses, coming in No. 2 behind Altria (Kraft/Phillip Morris).

The list is based on www.diversityInc.com's analysis of corporate diversity management and planning, including workforce, CEO commitment, and supplier diversity.

Also making the list were Tribune (18), Knight Ridder (28), and Nielsen (46).

"This recognition is especially meaningful in light of the many challenges we've faced over the past year [critics charge that  Nielsen's new Local People Meters undercount minorities] and it reflects the great strides we've made as an organization to champion the value and importance of diversity at Nielsen Media Research," said Betsy Williams, chief human resources officer.

Phone companies were the top communications sector in the diversity rankings with five companies represented: Verizon (9), SBC (15), Sprint (37), BellSouth (42) and Cingular Wireless (45).