Turner Pulls Banner Ads for Adult Shows Off Bamzu.com

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Turner Broadcasting has agreed not to promote TV-MA or TV-14 shows on the kids section of shopping site Bamzu.com.

The site is billed by Turner as "your one-stop shop for products seen on Turner networks."

The Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Better Business Bureau, essentially the children's advertising self-regulatory body, came across banner ads for mature shows on the kids section of the site.
Banner ads including thoe for shows like TNT's TV-MA rated NYPD Blue, TV-14 rated Law & Order, and others from nets including TBS, CNN and Cartoon Network--in the kids section of the site.

CARU praised Turner's "efficient resolution" of the problem. For its part, the company said it "has already taken steps to revise this Website so that the banner advertisements at issue do not appear in this section.”

TV-MA, the stronger of the ratings, is content for mature audiences that including sexual themes, language, and graphic violence. TV-14 "strongly cautions" parents about similar subject matter.