Turner nets plan scripted shows


Turner Network Television and TBS Superstation both plan to add original scripted series as early as next year,
Turner Broadcasting System Inc. executives said Thursday, but they haven’t made any deals.

Expect TNT to pursue dramas and TBS perhaps a sitcom.

When Phil Kent, the new chairman of TBS Inc., assumed his post
earlier this year, he suggested that he wanted to restart original-series

But Turner is taking it slow. Entertainment group president Mark Lazarus said
his networks need to make originals, but they must choose carefully.

"Originals are very hard to do. The success rate is very low," Lazarus

That cautious approach is understandable. TNT’s past experiments with
original series have met with mixed results, at best.

Breaking News never made it to air, while another, Bull, was put
out to pasture after a brief run.

TNT’s most recent original, Witchblade, did OK in the ratings, but not
well enough to avoid being spiked after two seasons.