Turner Is Into N2 for VOD


Turner Broadcasting System Inc. will test N2 Broadband Inc.'s video-on-demand technology as part of its new VOD R&D Lab.

Turner is looking to evaluate various new technologies to find its next-generation system for delivering VOD programming and advertising. N2 is one of a number of companies in line for some digital tire-kicking from Turner.

Independent of the deal, Scott Teissler, Turner Broadcasting's CTO, will join N2 Broadband's board of directors. He is replacing Jim Chiddix in the Time Warner seat (Time Warner is an N2 investor). Chiddix left to join Open TV.Among the N2 OpenStream digital platform services Turner will be trying out for size and fit are its Xport system for editing, preparing and encoding content; MediaPath for secure satellite delivery to VOD systems; and AdPoint for managing on-demand ads.

N2's content clients include Turner sibling HBO, A&E Networks, and Discovery.