Turner Buys Lip-Sync Solution


Turner Broadcasting System has purchased Sigma Electronics’ Arbalest digital audio-to-video synchronization systems for use in live-to-air broadcasts, with the first use being TNT’s coverage of the NBA Conference Finals that are now in progress. 

The Arbalest system, which sells for $19,900, has been in development since 2004 and a production model was shown for the first time at NAB 2006. The system is designed to provide flawless recovery from lip-sync errors created by multiple video and audio transmission paths. 

Sigma says Arbalest relies on a patent-pending processing system that accurately identifies the time relationship between video and audio signals. It automatically detects and compensates for any delay in a transmission up to +/- 5 seconds between a video signal and a corresponding audio, in a process that is totally transparent to viewers.