Trump Seeks More Funds for $140M Media Blitz

Campaign says money needed to counter lying 'liberal media lapdogs'

In an email solicitation Wednesday, Donald Trump's national spokesperson Katrina Pierson (who does frequent interviews with the media) called on supporters to help fund a $140 million on-air campaign in the final 27 days of the presidential election.

Pierson’s email said the ads were necessary to counter Hillary Clinton and the "liberal media lapdogs" helping her.

"Hillary Clinton is DESPERATE to stop our momentum, and the liberal media is more than happy to parrot her lies. They are 100% 'with her' in this campaign, truth and objectivity be damned," she wrote.

She said helping fund the on-air ads would "shine a light on Crooked Hillary, her cronies and the lying liberal media."

The email comes a day after CNN’s Carol Costello cut off an interview with Pierson about Donald Trump’s misogynistic comments, saying the conversation wasn’t going anywhere.