Trump Leads in Florida, Illinois

Kasich still ahead in Ohio on eve of key primaries
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Donald Trump has big leads in two of the three most key primaries this week, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich leading in his home state but by only 6 percentage points over Trump.

That is according to the latest NBC News/Marist poll.

Trump leads in Florida at 43% of likely Republican voters, with Sen. Marco Rubio in second at 21%, but that is only one percentage point ahead of Sen. Ted Cruz and thus a statistical tossup given the margin of error (plus or minus 4 percentage points).

In Illinois, Trump is at 34%, to Cruz's 25%, with Gov. John Kasich in third at 21% and Rubio fourth at 16%.

Kasich leads in Ohio with 39%, with Trump second with 33% and Cruz third at 19%. Rubio is a distant fourth at 6% and likely all but out of the race if he cannot stage a comeback in his home state of Florida.

On the Democratic side, former senator, Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton has strong leads in all three states, 61% in Florida to Sen. Bernie Sanders' 34%; 58% in Ohio to Sanders 38% and 51% in Illinois to Sanders 45%. But Clinton had a double-digit lead in most polls before the Michigan primary and wound up losing that in a squeaker.