Tropicana buys infomercial on CBS O&O's


Tropicana, the juice arm of PepsiCo., has bought a 28-minute infomercial,
"Breakfast Americana," on 13 CBS O&O's including New York, Los Angeles,
Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston Dallas, Detroit, Miami, and Denver.

The show will chronicle the history of the orange "from a rare exotic fruit
prized for its curative powers to an everyday breakfast beverage that can be
enjoyed by everyone."

Tropicana says that, after an April 6 airing in the "early evening," it will
move to a variety of cable nets -- and a Pax TV national buy for Saturday, April
13 -- for 450 airings over the next five weeks. Cable nets include A&E.,
USA, Food, Learning Channel, Bravo, Travel, Lifetime, E!, Discovery, Game Show,
Sci Fi, and The History Channel.

Tropicana, which will be one of the first Fortune 100 to get into the
infomercial business, billed the show as the first in a "new concept --
nutritional TV (NuTV)."

A spokeswoman for the company called it "an experiment," adding: "We like the
idea, and if it is well received, we're amenable to doing