Tristani delivers FCC swansong


Gloria Tristani stepped down on Friday after 31/2 years as an FCC commissioner.

The New Mexico Democrat has said she intends to run for her party's nomination to challenge Senate Budget Committee Chairman Pete Domenici. "I am proud to have focused on three main goals in furthering the public interest: ensuring that all Americans have access to the benefits of the Information Age; protecting consumers and safeguarding children; and promoting diversity of viewpoints in the media," she said in her farewell statement.

Tristani championed a variety of initiatives aimed at slowing down the consolidation of the media, cleaning up the airwaves and providing more family friendly environment on TV. She chaired the FCC task for on V-Chip implementation.

"Parents that buy televisions today have the ability to block programming that they believe is inappropriate for their children," she said. "Today, the greatest barrier to the complete success of the V-Chip is the lack of public awareness about the V-Chip. I urge my colleagues and the industry to use their very best efforts to bring attention to the availability of the V-Chip." - Bill McConnell