Trio Elects Offbeat Election Slate


Gay Republicans, parking-lot polls and a South Park-eye-view of politics by way of six mentally and physically challenged reporters are all on tap for election night.

Trio, the offbeat pop culture cable net, is offering a trio of politically-themed originals to counterprogram the horse-race election night coverage elsewhere.

The Nov. 2 lineup includes an hour documentary on the Log Cabin Republicans, and Parking Lot: The Political Conventions, a special edition of Trio's original series. In this installment, the pulse of the political nation is taken through interviews with people in the parking lots of the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian conventions.

But the most off-beat of all is Trio's original special, How's Your News?: On The Campaign Trail, which features reporters ranging from Ronnie Simpson, "a large man with cerebral palsy whose undying love for soap opera stars and 70's era celebrities colors each of his unique interviews," to Susan Harrington, "a mildly retarded, legally blind woman whose reporting ability draws kudos from Peter Jennings."

Other interview subjects include Senator Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, Ben Affleck, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Peter Jennings, New York Governor George Pataki, Republican Senator John McCain, and Tom Brokaw.  

The special is from director Arthur Bradford and is executive-produced by South Park co-creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker.