Tribune cops action clearances


Tribune Entertainment's action hours have scored more clearances for next season. Its fall 2001 project, Mutant X now secures 86% of the U.S., representing 67 of the top 70 markets in the country.

New stations on board for the weekly, featuring Marvel comic characters, include WFTC-TV Minneapolis, WBNX-TV Cleveland, WXCF-TV Orlando and KDNL-TV St. Louis. In terms of Tribune show renewals, Andromeda is now good to go in 97% of the U.S. for season two, landing double runs in 185 markets.

For its third season, Beastmaster is up to 81% (representing 120 markets) and for its fifth season, Earth: Final Conflict has been greenlit in 80% of the U.S., representing 123 markets). Tribune is selling all series on a 8/6 barter split. - Susanne Ault