Tribune, Clear Channel Settle Hiring Suit

Clear Channel Communications, Tribune settle lawsuits over recent hires Tribune made from radio giant’s ranks.
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Clear Channel Communications and Tribune settled lawsuits over recent hires Tribune made from the radio giant’s ranks.

As was reported in the Chicago Tribune, one federal suit saw Clear Channel allege that Tribune unlawfully breached executive Andrew Friedman’s employment contract with Clear Channel when Tribune sought to bring Friedman on board.

Several Clear Channel alumni, such as chief operating officer Randy Michaels, are in the executive ranks at Tribune.

Tribune asserted in a statement that it was in no way in the wrong: "We did nothing wrong here and paid nothing to settle these lawsuits. We have never tortuously interfered with the contracts of Clear Channel employees and we won't in the future."

"We will continue to enforce our rights against any competitor who attempts to interfere with those contractual relationships," Clear Channel chief legal officer Andy Levin countered in a statement.