'Trek' Ratings in Black Hole


The Starship Enterprise is missing. Wormhole? Rift in the space-time continuum? No. Trouble processing ratings for The CW.

Last month, Paramount Domestic Television re-released the 40-year-old original Star Trek series into syndication for the first time in a decade and a half. But ratings for the first two weeks that the digitally remastered episodes aired on The CW fell into a black hole in the national syndicated rankings report.

It seems Nielsen has had to reprocess ratings on 20 shows running on The CW’s cable and digital outlets due to the misclassification of smaller-market affiliates of the new network, which replaced UPN and The WB.

A Nielsen spokeswoman said the reprocessed ratings from the first two weeks—Sept. 18-24 and Sept. 25-
Oct. 1—will be released sometime next week.

In its first week of actually appearing in the national ratings—the week ended Oct. 1—Trek posted a 1.3 rating for its weekend runs (3 a.m. in New York). That’s not far behind the 1.5 rating for WB holdover Smallville.

Never understimate the power of Shatner.