Translation in Lost Lost


Remember when snow on the screen could ruin a TV show? Those days were back, sort of, last week for some Lost viewers.

Fans of the ABC hit finally learned about the mysterious past of Korean couple Sun and Jin in the Feb. 23 episode during a flashback scene, where the conversation in Korean was translated in subtitles on the bottom of the screen. In New York, however, Lost viewers were simply lost. WABC ran a crawl across the lower part of the screen announcing a winter weather advisory, blocking the subtitles.
Irate viewers called WABC to complain, but President/GM Dave Davis says that the number of calls—though he declined to be specific—was not significant. And the calls didn’t just come into the switchboard; Davis says he heard directly from some viewers, and he apologized for the inconvenience. But, he adds: “It was done for the right reason, to give emergency weather information.”
For the record: The snowed-in viewers didn’t miss any earthshaking revelations. Though it would have been nice to see the dialogue, the gist of the plot was that Jin asks Sun’s father for her hand in marriage, and the father demands to know how Jin will support her and suggests he come to work for him. When the episode repeats this summer, fans in New York planning to recapture the Lost lines had better hope there aren’t any severe thunderstorms tracking their direction.