Trade-group chiefs make a lot of money


National Journal
's biennial review of the compensation packages of
Washington, D.C.'s top trade association heads is out, and Eugene Upshaw Jr.,
head of the National Football League Players Association, was the highest-paid
association executive among media-related groups in 2000, the magazine

The magazine gathers its information from tax forms filed for 2000; newer
numbers are not available from the IRS.

Upshaw takes in a total of $1.46 million per year, including benefits and
expense allowances, making him fourth on the list.

He follows top executives from the National Association of Securities
Dealers, the Boy Scouts of America and the Mortgage Bankers of Association of
America, all of whom received large lump-sum payments upon their departures.

Tom Wheeler, head of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet
Association, comes in fifth with a total package of $1.278 million.

The Telecommunications Industry Association's Matthew Flanigan is close
behind at $1.268 million.

The Motion Picture Association of America's Jack Valenti, who was the first
Washington lobbyist to top $1 million in annual pay, now comes in eighth at
$1.169 million in total compensation.

The National Cable & Telecommunication Association's Robert Sachs --
already a millionaire from his work with cable company Continental Cablevision
Inc. (now part of AT&T Broadband) -- is compensated $1.091 million

The highest-paid woman on the list is the Recording Industry Association of
America's Hilary Rosen, who earns $918,750 annually and appears at No. 22.

She is followed by the former head of the U.S. Telecom Association, Roy Neel,
who earned $928,685 before he departed the USTA in September 2000 to work for Al
Gore's presidential campaign.

The National Association of Broadcasters' Eddie Fritts, who has been at the
job nearly 20 years, earned $908,552 in 2000.

And the Newspaper Association of America's John Sturm came in at No. 40 with
annual compensation of $748,379.