Town Meeting at NAB: Filthy!


The National Association of Broadcasters held an industry “town meeting” at its Las Vegas convention last week in an effort to drum up voluntary measures that broadcasters could take to keep the Federal Communications Commission’s smut-detectors at bay.

The meeting itself was a demonstration of just how tricky this whole indecency business can be. Session moderator and CNN political analyst Jeff Greenfield observed that the session’s title—“Come Together, Right Now!”—was just the sort of thing that invites Washington’s wrath. Greenfield said, “I’m sure the people at NAB who named the session were young and had no idea this also is a Beatles song about simultaneous orgasm.”
Memo to the NAB, re: next year’s convention: If you’re trying to come up with a title for a conference about improving traffic reporting, please, in the name of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, don’t call it “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?”