Top merger deals: 2000


Top 5 radio deals

<p> <br><br> <span class="small" id="d9e13-4-small">$475M</span> </p><p> <br><br> <span class="small" id="d9e18-8-small">Entravision merges with Z-Spanish Media</span> </p>


Cox Radio buys 1 AM, 6FMs from Clear Channel Communications/AMFM


Citadel Communications buys 3 AMs, 8 FMs, 1 LMA from Dick Broadcasting


Cox Radio adds 17 AMs, 63 FMs from Midwestern Broadcasting Co.


Entravision Communications merges with Latin Comm.Group/Trefoil Latin Investors LP

Top 5 TV deals

<p> <br><br> <span class="small" id="d9e75-55-small">$5.3B</span> </p><p> <br><br> <span class="small" id="d9e80-59-small">News Corp. buys 10 stations from Chris-Craft Industries</span> </p>


Univision buys 13 stations from USA Broadcasting


Emmis Communications buys 8 stations, 7 satellites from Lee Enterprises


Cosmos Broadcasting and Civic Communications merge


Hearst-Argyle Television buys 1 station from Imes Communications

Top 5 media deals

<p> <br><br> <span class="small" id="d9e137-106-small">$129B</span> </p><p> <br><br> <span class="small" id="d9e142-110-small">America Online grabs mega-headlines with a mega-deal with Time Warner</span> </p>


Vivendi SA extends its global reach with Universal


Viacom takes full ownership of Infinity Broadcasting


Tribune merges with Times Mirror to reach 3.2 million newspaper readers in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago


Viacom gets jazzed up with the purchase of BET Holdings II in November