Too close for comfort


It just might be that as horrible as last Sept. 11 was, many viewers have no
interest in looking back at that horrifying piece of recent history.

Several weeks ago, WPIX-TV New York asked visitors to its Web site, "How much
of the extensive Sept. 11 anniversary coverage do you intend to watch?" The
response was overwhelming. Nearly 90 percent answered "None of it." Only 7.5
percent said they'd watch "a lot of the coverage."

Broadcasting & Cable asked a similar question of its Web readers over
the last few days, presumably reaching television pros, and they feel similarly.
In our poll, 63 percent said upcoming coverage was "excessive." Only 18 percent
said the time set aside for Sept. 11 commemoration was "just right," and only 16
percent said it was "insufficient."

Neither poll is scientific, but they may indicate that 9/11 is a recent
enough nightmare that many aren't ready to relive the day, no matter how
delicately the material is presented.