Tony Gets Two Tonier Addresses


Buena Vista Television’s synidcated talker, The Tony Danza Show, has been upgraded in Kansas City, Mo., and Charlotte, N.C.

In Kansas City, Tony is moving from 1 p.m. on Hearst-Argyle’s KCWE, a UPN affiliate, over to Hearst-Argyle LMA and ABC affiliate  KMBC at 9 a.m. Sony’s Life & Style will swap places with Tony, going over to KCWE at 1 starting this Monday.

In Charlotte, Belo’s WCNC, an NBC affiliate, last Monday replaced NBC Universal’s The Jane Pauley Show at 4 p.m. with Danza, moving Pauley to 10 a.m. NBC Universal’s Starting Over, which had been airing at 10, is taking Tony’s place at 3.

The upgrades are good news for Danza, which is only averaging a 1.2 in the national household ratings, but faring better in the metered markets.

Danza airs in the middle of the night in both Los Angeles and Chicago, which hurts its national ratings average.