TNT Skies With NBA


The NBA playoffs helped TNT top the cable network rankings in prime for the week ending May 7, but racing and wrassling were the top two sports--OK, only one is a sport--of the month.

The network averaged 2.88 million total viewers in prime, according to Nielsen Media Research. Next came USA with 2.49 million total viewers, non ad-supported Disney with 2.36 million, and FX with 1.78 million.

TNT took the third and fourth top programs for the month with two Suns/Lakers games. The May 4 game at 10:40 PM ET averaged 4.97 million total viewers and the May 6 game at 8:30 PM ET averaged 4.74 million.

FX took the top programming slot with the May 6 Nextel Cup Race at 7:30 PM averaging 5.63 million total viewers. USA took second with WWE wrestling on May 1 at 10 PM averaging 5.25 million total viewers.