TNT Launches 2nd Drama Search


To audition or not to audition, that is the question. TNT's answer is "yes."

The cable net will launch its second Dramatic Audition program (the first was last fall) to find "the most talented, aspiring actors in America."

TNT will hold auditions in tree cities, L.A., Chicago, and New York, giving hopeful actors select monologues from TNT movies. The winner gets $50,000, an L.A. apartment, a car for a year, acting lessons and a publicist.

The top actors from each city, according to a panel of judges, will be united in L.A. for a final audition taping in November, with a winner picked in December.

Even with the proliferation of audition reality shows and contests, TNT isn't looking to turn the contest into the next American Idol.

There has been "no serious consideration" to creating a show around the auditions, said a TNT spokeswoman. "This is more about brand awareness and perception," reinforcing TNT's brand as a drama destination.