And more from Promo Mojo, our exclusive weekly ranking of the programming networks are promoting most heavily

B&C has partnered with attention and conversion analytics company to bring you a weekly chart we call Promo Mojo: exclusive data showing the top five TV promos ranked by TV ad impressions. These are the shows networks have been promoting most heavily to drive tune-in (our data covers the seven-day period through May 27).

Cable networks have the edge in our latest ranking. TNT grabs first and second place thanks to its promos plugging crime dramas Animal Kingdom (289 million TV ad impressions) and Claws (223 million). But NBC comes in strong promoting two of its reality competitions, landing third place for World of Dance and fourth place for America’s Got Talent. Meanwhile, HGTV’s feel-good multi-series promo, a steady presence in our ranking for weeks, closes out the top five.

Notably, Claws scores the highest iSpot Attention Index (140) in our ranking, with its promos getting 40% fewer interruptions than the average promo (interruptions include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV).