TiVo Going Mobile

New mobile site allows subscribers to schedule recordings on the go.
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TiVo is launching a new mobile site, TiVo Mobile (m.tivo.com), which allows subscribers to the service that also have Series2 or Series3 boxes to schedule recordings on the go. Anyone, regardless of whether they have a TiVo, can check out television listings on the site, and use it to discover new shows using the company’s recommendation engine.

The announcement comes the same day that TiVo is announcing its third quarter earnings.

“TiVo started out making television a more convenient, personal experience, and this is the next step to give television lovers total control over their media. Whether you are standing in line at the bank or talking about a new show with friends at dinner, you can now find and record shows whenever, wherever, a perfect tool for everyone,” said Jim Denney, VP of product marketing at TiVo Inc, in a statement announcing the new site.

The mobile site is available to any internet enabled phone on any carrier.