TiVo Expands Internet Initiatives


Following up on previous deals with Brightcove, the NBA and New York Times Company to bring Internet video to its digital video recorder (DVR) products, TiVo announced Tuesday that it has developed software to allow subscribers to transfer video from their PCs to their TiVo and watch it on standard television sets.

The software download, called TiVo Desktop Plus 2.4, will be available to TiVo subscribers for a one-time fee of $24.95. It will allow a TiVo Series2 DVR connected to a Windows XP-compliant PC on a home network to automatically convert videos from Internet-friendly video compression formats such as QuickTime, Windows Media Video and MPEG-4 to the MPEG-2 compression format used by the TiVo box.

For TiVo users with the motivation to download the software and connect their TiVo to their home network, the Desktop Plus 2.4 application will enable them to watch free downloadable content such as music videos, video podcasts or user-generated video. However, TiVo did not announce support for Adobe's wildly popular Flash technology, which is used by many video players including YouTube.