Timing the World Series


Editor: Regarding [Harry Jessell's] column in the Oct. 23 issue titled "Wake-Up Call," your comments reflect those of an unthinking East Coaster. The 5:18 p.m. start time of the World Series games suits us West Coasters just fine. Or, at least better than, say, a 2:18 p.m. start time as you might prefer. You see, at 2:18 p.m. we would still be at the office, unable to tune in to the Fall Classic.

No, this way, at least, by rushing home right at 5 p.m. and battling rush-hour traffic, we wouldn't miss more than an inning or so and still catch the World Series on TV! Your way, we would only get to catch the highlights on the evening news.

Next time, you might wish to consider that there are three other time zones beyond your world out East.-
Dennis Younker,

San Diego