Time Warner Reinstates NFL Net


As of midnight,Time Warner complied with the FCC's order to put the NFL Network back on in systems it has just acquired from Comcast and Adelphia, but it has appealed the order to the full commission and has begun running a crawl on the channel warning viewers it may take it off again.
The FCC had issued its order Thursday morning, but Time Warner held off complying while it considered its options for appeal.

Time Warner had pulled the network from the new systems Aug. 1, with the NFL Network immediately asking the FCC for relief,saying the move could cause irreparable harm and saying Time Warner had not given the requisite 30-day notification.
The FCC's Media Bureau concluded that the NFL had made a sufficiently strong case to justify the order and that it was in the public's interest to see the games, particularly as the pre-season begins and viewing patterns are set.
The two sides have been in a battle over terms of carriage of the network, including the price and where the network would be carried, in a sports tier, as Time Warner wants, or on the basic package, where the NFL Network wants to be.
Time Warner released a statement Friday:
"At midnight last night, Time Warner Cable reinstated the NFL Network on those systems it earlier this week acquired from Adelphia and Comcast, where the network had been available. 
"The channel appears in the same position and tier as it did before it was removed three days earlier.  Time Warner Cable still does not have a license agreement to carry the network, but has put the channel back on its systems in order to comply with the FCC's Order issued by its Media Bureau Thursday.

"Because we still do not have a contract with the NFL Network, we have also begun the official 30 day-notification period with an on-screen crawl that began running last night at midnight alerting our customers that the network may be withdrawn again should we not be able to conclude an agreement with the NFL Network. 

"Time Warner Cable believes that the Media Bureau's Order is wrong as a matter of law.  Accordingly, last night we filed papers with the FCC appealing the Order to the full Commission.”