Time Warner CFO: Online Distribution Could Be Money-Maker for Content Providers

But over the top video hurts consumers, content providers
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Time Warner Inc. chief financial officer John Martin said at an industry
conference Thursday that online distribution could prove to be a
money-maker for content providers, but warned that using technology to
circumvent traditional distributors is not necessarily the path to take.

at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference in New York, Martin said
that being one of the largest owners of copyrighted content in the world
puts Time Warner in a unique position to capture online revenue.

can't remember a time when our content had more demand around it. There
are more and more players that want to help us try to monetize our
content," Martin said. "We have a very strong view that digital is going
to be good for our business. When you think about improving the overall
consumer experience, providing us with more and more retailers and
distributors with which to do business to gain incremental economics and
all with the promise of lower distribution costs, that should all be
good for us."

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