Time Warner Cable Set to Expand Phone Service, Explore Wireless in 2007

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Time Warner Cable Executive VP/CFO John Martin anticipated that 2007 will be “a big year” for the cable operator as it seeks to expand its triple-play business, explore new advertising opportunities and study the viability of offering wireless service.

Speaking Wednesday morning at Bear Stearns 20th Annual Media Conference in Palm Beach, Fla., Martin laid out the three main areas of focus for Time Warner Cable (TWC) in its first year as a public company: commercial telephony, advanced advertising and wireless service.

Martin recalled TWC’s 2004 initiative to establish its residential phone business and called 2007 a “deployment year” for commercial voice service in an effort to tap into what he called a “$12-$15 billion opportunity.”

On video and online advertising, he said the company would join with “a lot of players in the advertising industry” to explore ways to increase the “addressability and measurability” of ads for the advertisers and the “relevance and engagement” for consumers.

And Martin characterized the coming year as a time for TWC to “learn and study and be flexible” as it considers whether offering wireless might be “a natural fourth element to a bundle” of services. TWC has already partnered with Sprint to launch Mobile Access in three markets: Raleigh, N.C., Austin, Texas, and, as of March 5, Cincinnati.

Martin also touted the company’s 22 consecutive months of subscriber growth and its commitment to investing in innovation on both its legacy networks and acquired properties.--John Eggerton contributed to this report.