Three-Net Revs Dip


Combined network net ad revenues for all dayparts combined for ABC, CBS, and NBC were down $63 million, or 2.07%, in the first quarter from 1Q 2004, according to Ernst & Young figures just released by the Broadcast Cable Financial Management Association.

For the first quarter, ABC, NBC and CBS together took in $2.88 billion in ad revenues, down from $2.94 billion in first-quarter 2004.

Not surprisingly, the biggest decline both in dollars and in percentage loss was in sports (21.35%), where the absence of the Super Bowl from the equation (it was on Fox in 2005, which does not participate in the study) was keenly felt, resulting in a drop of $148 million.

Compared to 2003, however, when the Super Bowl was on ABC, the three-net revs are up 8%, or $222 million.

But The biggest raw gain was prime time, up almost $61 million (3.98%) to $1.59 billion, while the largest percentage gain was news, up 12.43% to a $145.2 million.

The biggest percentage decline by category after sports was kids TV, down 17.18% to $7.7 million.

Late night was off a little under $7 million (down 3.94%) to $160.7 million; daytime was also down a little under $7 million (2.86%) to $210.9 million, while morning was up 12.11% to $226.6 million.

Mary Collins, President and CEO of BCFM, says that one of her goals for this year will be to try and bring Fox and the netlets into the survey, though for the sake of keeping it an apples-to-apples comparison, they would not be added until first quarter 2006.