Three markets get Sirius


Sirius Satellite Radio on Wednesday said it would launch in Denver, Houston and Phoenix on Feb. 14, 2002.

The new launch schedule is a change in plan for the company, after this fall saying it would launch nationwide by the end of the year. Now, Sirius doesn't expect to have the entire country on-line until next fall.

Company executives attribute the delays to problems with manufacturing the chipsets and receivers necessary to get the service, and to making that technology compatible with Sirius' satellites and terrestrial transmitters.

Sirius also said it would offer 60 channels of commercial-free music, as a way to differentiate itself from its only competitor, XM Satellite Radio.

Sirius will cost $12.95 per month, while XM costs $9.99. XM will launch nationwide by Dec. 5. - Paige Albiniak