Thin Too Thin on Hope, Says NEDA


The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) has given the HBO documentary, Thin a mixed review.

The film, by Lauren Greenfield, follows four women as they battle anorexia. It is scheduled to debut on the cable net Nov. 14.

NEDA prescreened the documentary, and while association CEO Lynn Grefe calls Greenfield a "talented photographer and filmmaker," who has captured the "severity, sadness and complexity of eating disorders, while weaving in the devastating financial and emotional impact caused by insurance companies cutting off treatment," she also said in a statement on the upcoming film that it painted too negative a picture.

"We felt that her lens needed a wider, more balanced focus," said Grefe, with a sense of hope--most people do get better, she said--to leaven what she said was too on-sided and grim a portrayal.