They rave, they crave


What the honchos of the broadcast networks think will be their sleeper hits and what they would love to steal from the competition.

Nancy Tellem, CBS

Most Wanted: NBC's The West Wing

"It's a fabulous show, and it would work well here or at any network."

CBS Sleeper: Yes, Dear

"The media has been very hard on the show, but I really think that it could be a hit. It has a lot of promise."

Susanne Daniels, The WB

Most Wanted: Fox's King of the Hill

"Can I really say that, even though it's my husband's [Greg Daniels] show?"

WB Sleeper: Hype

"I've been saying it for the last four months, and I'm going to keep saying it: this could be a big hit."

Tom Nunan, UPN

Most Wanted: Fox's The $treet

"It would be great as a half-hour series."

UPN Sleeper: Gary and Mike (Midseason)

"It's really going to turn some heads."

Gail Berman, Fox

Most Wanted: CBS' Bette

"I love Bette, but it's not our demo. If I could have a young, edgy Bette maybe."

FOX Sleeper: Grounded for Life

"It really has a different take on family life; I'd be watching for it."

Garth Ancier, NBC

Most Wanted: CBS' Welcome to New York

"I just think it would work nicely on our network."

NBC Sleeper: Ed

"It's just a delicious show in that it has a really nice dose of comedy with drama."

Stu Bloomberg, ABC

Most Wanted: CBS' Bette

"I just think it has breakout qualities. I love Bette."

ABC Sleeper: Madigan Men

"Gabriel Byrne is going to be a big star."