They rave, they crave

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What the honchos of the broadcast networks think will be their sleeper hits and what they would love to steal from the competition.

Nancy Tellem, CBS

Most Wanted: NBC's The West Wing

"It's a fabulous show, and it would work well here or at any network."

CBS Sleeper: Yes, Dear

"The media has been very hard on the show, but I really think that it could be a hit. It has a lot of promise."

Susanne Daniels, The WB

Most Wanted: Fox's King of the Hill

"Can I really say that, even though it's my husband's [Greg Daniels] show?"

WB Sleeper: Hype

"I've been saying it for the last four months, and I'm going to keep saying it: this could be a big hit."

Tom Nunan, UPN

Most Wanted: Fox's The $treet

"It would be great as a half-hour series."

UPN Sleeper: Gary and Mike (Midseason)

"It's really going to turn some heads."

Gail Berman, Fox

Most Wanted: CBS' Bette

"I love Bette, but it's not our demo. If I could have a young, edgy Bette maybe."

FOX Sleeper: Grounded for Life

"It really has a different take on family life; I'd be watching for it."

Garth Ancier, NBC

Most Wanted: CBS' Welcome to New York

"I just think it would work nicely on our network."

NBC Sleeper: Ed

"It's just a delicious show in that it has a really nice dose of comedy with drama."

Stu Bloomberg, ABC

Most Wanted: CBS' Bette

"I just think it has breakout qualities. I love Bette."

ABC Sleeper: Madigan Men

"Gabriel Byrne is going to be a big star."