Tennis Channel Fires Latest Volley In Cablevision Distribution Dispute

Takes swing at upcoming launch of MSO-owned MSG Varsity Network

With a gloomy forecast, it doesn't appear there will be much action at the U.S. Open tennis championship today.
But that didn't stop Tennis Channel from putting the ball in play in its distribution dispute with Cablevision.

Tennis issued a statement today, taking a swing at Cablevision's upcoming launch of MSG Varsity, a high school sports service that is slated to launch on Sept. 24, while it remains in the carriage net with metro New York's top cable operator.

Cablevision, announced on Aug. 26, that it wanted to launch Tennis on its iO Sports Pak under a contract with the National Television Cable Cooperative. Tennis, which has not authorized its signal, said it had legal issues with Cablevision's unilaterally putting out a press release about its wont to launch the service and that it wasn't given a 30-day notification period to do so.

As such, the MSG Varsity launch is slated the day before that 30-day period expires.

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