Telemundo Signing on to NTI


Two days after Spanish-language broadcast giant Univision signed on for Nielsen Media Research’s national ratings service, top competitor Telemundo says it will also participate in Nielsen’s National Television Index (NTI).

The National Television Index measures ratings in Nielsen’s full national panel, and the major English-language broadcast networks, including ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC, all subscribe. Until now, however, Univision and Telemundo have only participated in the ratings giant’s Hispanic sample, the National Hispanic Television Index, which measures only Hispanic audiences.

By participating in the NTI, both Univision and Telemundo are trying to clear the way for more national- and general-market advertisers to buy time on their networks. “From now on, as marketers target their audiences, they will now have a vehicle that will transparently evaluate audience delivery in Spanish side-by-side with English-language networks,” Don Browne, president of Telemundo, said in a statement.

Telemundo will continue to be part of NHSI until September 2007, as will Univision. At that point, Nielsen plans to make its National People Meter system the sole sample for both English-language and Spanish-language media and eliminate the NHTI.