Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee DTV Hearing: Ready? Or Not

House Energy & Commerce Committee to Hold Third Hearing This Congress on DTV Transition

The House Energy & Commerce Committee's Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee will hold a hearing Feb. 13 on the DTV transition to gauge just how prepared the nation is to make the switch, with the chairman of the committee unconvinced that the government and industry have done all they should.

That hearing comes only four days before the National Telecommunications & Information Administration will begin mailing out coupons to subsidize DTV-to-analog converter boxes Feb. 17, exactly one year before the switch from analog to digital over-the-air broadcasting.

“Right now, I am not confident that government agencies, retailers, broadcasters and all other stakeholders are taking all of the steps necessary to ensure that consumers are adequately informed and ready for this transition," said full committee chairman John Dingell (D-Mich..) "The committee will continue its oversight of the DTV-transition process until the big day arrives and afterward, if needed, to ensure consumers are not left behind.”

It will mark the committee's third DTV-oversight hearing in this Congress.