Tele-Media Eyes Some Adelphia Systems


If troubled cable operator Adelphia Communications Corp. is sold piecemeal or bought whole for later breakup, Tele-Media has its eye on some systems in which it has a vested interest.

The company declared itself yesterday, saying that, for starters, it was eyeing 144,000 worth of subs in cable systems in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. The company already has equity in them, and ran the systems up until September 2003 as part of the Adelphia bankruptcy proceeding.

Tele-Media says it has the ability to manage up to a million more subs, but wasn't saying exactly which others it was targeting.

Adelphia executives have said they would not sell the company bit by bit, but a consortium could team up to buy it whole then divide it up. "We could partner with another top 10 operator or consortium of operators for the Adelphia systems," said Tele-Media President Tony Swain.