Teen TV Viewing Gains Most


According to Nielsen, teenagers were watching 18 minutes more of TV per day in May 2005 than they were the same time last year. That's the biggest viewing jump among age categories.

Teens now watch 3 hours and 6 minutes of TV, up from 2 hours and 48 minutes last May.

African-American teen viewing was up dramatically from 3 hours and 45 minutes last May to 4 hours and 48 minutes in May 2005, or a whopping 1 hour and 3 minutes per day.

African-American household viewing was up by 47 minutes from 10 hours and 23 minutes last May to 11 hours and 10 minutes in May '05.

Among total households, viewing was up 13 minutes to 7 hours and 55 minutes.

Viewing among total persons was up 10 minutes to 4 hours and 22 minutes; women 18-plus was up 12 minutes to 5 hours and 10 minutes; men 18-plus was up 7 minutes to 4 hours and 18 minutes, and children 2-11 was up only 4 minutes to 3 hours and 4 minutes.

Every viewing category was up slightly except Hispanic-American men 18-plus, which was exactly even at 3 hours and 39 minutes.

Of course, there were more TV homes to do the watching this time around. In May 2004, there were 108.4 million. That number is now 109.6 million.