Teen Kids News Renewed For Year 3


This just in : Teen Kids News is a go for season three.

And thanks to a new deal with Viacom-owned stations in Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, and Providence, the syndicated weekly FCC-friendly show has bumped its coverage of the country from 83% to 90%, according to show creator/distributor Al Primo, who pioneered the "Eyewitness News" format.

Teen Kids News will launch its third season in September, though it essentially runs on a 52-week schedule, with 26 fully original episodes and the rest consituting a remix of stories from those 26 plus new pieces (much as 60 Minutes does).

Stations get a 90-second window to cut in their own local teen news features--say Teen News Sacramento or Saginaw--according to Primo, who partnered with Weekly Reader on the kid-to-kid news series.

The show is offered to stations on a barter basis--they pay for the show in ad time rather than cash. Primo says some of that ad time will be taken up by a 26-week flight from the New York Times, and a buy from Revlon.